After graduating as an autodidact at the Fine Arts Academy of Naples in 2004, in 2005 he founds the refined “In Form of Art” School of Art together with his brother Paolo.
In 2010, he gives life, together with the School of Art’s team, to the School of Comics and Illustration, from which In Form of Art arises, the publishing house dealing with the publication of the works of talented young people from the world of comics, renamed Douglas Edizioni in 2014.
Already recognized as the best artistic institution in the Neapolitan territory and beyond, In Form of Art allows lots of people to find at last a deep teaching of Art’s grammar and philosophy.
A researcher of the old painting techniques, a passionate scholar of drawing and anatomy, constantly interested in the study of philosophy, esoterism and religions, Marco pursues his pictoral research by finding its roots in the workshops of XV and XVI centuries, in order to give back a value of gushing blood and flesh to the pictoral matter.
An alchemic vision of painting and, consequently, of life itself.


He lives and works in Naples.





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